Matt Stell exploded onto the country music scene in 2019 with the wedding song of the year in "Prayed For You". He is current banger of a tune, "Everywhere But On," is in the top 5 on the country charts. He took some time to get on the hotline with Big D and Bubba to talk about his music, being tall and missing the road like every other artist.

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"Prayed For You" was THE wedding song of 2019 and the song that brought Matt Stell into the mainstream. Not bad for a guy who spent a lot of time being an independent artist touring Texas. He also spent some time writing with artists like Bart Crow, Casey Donahew and others. Listen to "Prayed For You" below.

Matt Stell is tall. As in 6'7'' tall. Big D talked about a friend of his that is seven feet tall. Big D's friend started carrying around a card that had every common question people ask him already answered. It's just people's normal curiosity with people that big and tall. Like Big D and a woman he met at the grocery store who was just mesmerized with how big Big D is.

Matt Stell's current hit is "Everywhere But On" and is currently in the top 5 on the country charts. Give it a listen below.

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