Who has the time to build a gingerbread house? Unless that's been a holiday tradition in your family since you were little, chances are you don't build them now. I guess I've always wondered what happens to the gingerbread house after a few weeks? It's really just a waste of food.

But fear not! The Nabisco company has you covered. It seems like they've solved all of my concerns really with - gingerbread Oreo cookies!

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See, not a waste of food.

Our grocery store shelves are starting to feel a lot more like Christmas (I know it's September...don't come for me), although we're just knocking on fall's door. If you happen to be grocery shopping while reading this, the cookies new Gingerbread Oreos come in five different designs and are described as an original Oreo with two gingerbread wafers filled with the traditional Oreo creme and crunchy sugar crystals.

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This is the first time Oreo has attempted a gingerbread flavor, and why not? 2020 is full of surprises!

While you're on that cookie aisle, you can also grab other Oreo flavors like Red Velvet, Fudge Creme, and Lemon Creme. You may be a classic Oreo fan - and of course those aren't going anywhere.

The announcement of the gingerbread flavor should come as a big welcome sight due to Oreo fans being slightly disappointed over a hoax 7-Eleven "Oreo Taquito Cannoli". Yeah, that actually sounds terrible. 7-Eleven posted a photo of the new item, but quickly dashed the hopes of Oreo lovers everywhere.

The company captioned the photo, “(It’s not real, but it’d be totally cool if it was). Wink wink nudge nudge twist twist dunk drunk.”


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