So, when the quarantine lock down began, the initial shock and feeling that the world had turned upside down put in a bit of a state. Like many, I turned to food as comfort. I mean, food that I normally tend to avoid. I'm talking all of those cookies and snack cakes we've learned to turn away from at the grocery store, because that's not what reasonable adults eat. Dude, I even bought some instant ramen and Pop Tarts. Feel me?

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Honestly that was fun for awhile. Outside of the heartbreak and concern over the pandemic itself, everyone staying home started to make life feel like a giant pajama party. That includes the types of snacks we'd have as we all collectively binge-watched things and chatted on social media. (Wait, that's not that different after all, is it?) I jest.

Now, I've started to adjust to the new normal and I feel the need to get my eating back on track. For me, that means eating tons of vegetables and fruit, whole grains, and just whole foods in general. Even desserts can be made healthfully, too.

Truthfully though, many of the "healthy" desserts we try can be disappointing, especially when we're coming off of a 2 month sugar high. Thankfully though, my sister Tonya reminded me of these magic cookies she makes. NO really, they're delicious. AND they are good for you. I mean, as a dessert. I'm not saying they should replace your green smoothie, but... you get me.

She kindly offered to share the recipe with me and with you so please, enjoy:

Tonya's Cookie Recipe

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