Holy crap! Can we get a normal NFL weekend, please? Teams that shouldn't be winning are. Teams that should win aren't. Bad team looks great this weekend, look horrible the next. Good team looks great this weekend, look horrible the next.

The Cowboys had no business losing to the Jets. Jason Garret looks absolutely miserable on the sideline. I really think the team is done with him. The fans are for sure. I want them to beat the Eagles but I don't know if I can pick them to. Being a Dallas Cowboys fan is so frustrating but we still sit there with a glimmer of hope. Cowboys 17, Eagles 14. I'm regretting this already.

How 'bout them Texans! Going into Kansas City and beating the Chiefs. It was a great back and forth game. This Sunday, they travel to their division rival Colts. The Colts have been a bit of a surprise this season with good defensive and offensive play. This will be another great game. Texans 27, Colts 21.

A very intriguing game takes place in Seattle Sunday afternoon. The Baltimore Ravens visit the Seahawks. Both teams have been great this season, the Seahawks, especially. They look like early Superbowl favorites from the NFC. Seahawks 35, Ravens 21.

The rest of my Week 7 picks are below:

Thursday, October 17

  • Chiefs at Broncos - Chiefs

Sunday, October 20

  • Rams at Falcons - Rams
  • Dolphins at Bills - Bills
  • Jaguars at Bengals - Jaguars
  • Vikings at Lions - Vikings
  • Raiders at Packers - Packers
  • Texans at Colts - Texans
  • Cardinals at Giants - Cardinals
  • 49's at Redskins - 49's
  • Chargers at Titans - Titans
  • Saints at Bears - Bears
  • Ravens at Seahawks - Seahawks
  • Eagles at Cowboys - Cowboys

Monday, October 21

  • Patriots at Jets - Jets

Nothings up for grabs but bragging rights if you can out pick me. Make 'em and let's have some fun.

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