I remember a time when every NFL team was scared of playing anyone in the NFC East. It didn't matter if the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants or Redskins had a winning record or not, it was always a tough game to play. The last several years, it's been a weak division. The Redskins have been irrelevant for years, the Giants have been okay, the Eagles won a Superbowl but have been up and down outside of that and the Cowboys have been the most talented team in the NFL but have an owner who stop tripping the team up.

It's frustrating for fans of any team in the NFC East. Having said all that, the Cowboys will still win the division only by default. The Eagles are playing worse then they are. The Giants and Redskins are laughing stocks. The Cowboys will lose against the Rams Sunday but beat the Eagles and 'Skins to finish 8-8 and win the division (face palm). Maybe Jerry Jones will finally realize he needs to put great people in the key positions (coach, general manager) for the Cowboys to be relevant again. Maybe.

The beat down of the week will be Thursday night's game, New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens. I think that Baltimore will put 60 points on the board Thursday.

There are some other intriguing matchups Sunday, Texans at Titans, Bears at Packers, Bills at Steelers, Colts at Saints. I'm going Titans, Bears, Bills and Saints in what should be four fantastic games.

Here are the rest of my Week 15 picks:

Thursday, December 12

  • Jets at Ravens - Ravens

Sunday, December 15

  • Patriots at Bengals - Patriots
  • Buccaneers at Lions - Lions
  • Bears at Packers - Bears
  • Texans at Titans - Titans
  • Broncos at Chiefs - Chiefs
  • Dolphins at Giants - Dolphins
  • Eagles at Redskins - Eagles
  • Seahawks at Panthers - Seahawks
  • Jaguars at Raiders - Raiders
  • Browns at Cardinals - Cardinals
  • Vikings at Chargers - Vikings
  • Rams at Cowboys - Rams
  • Falcons at 49ers - 49ers
  • Bills at Steelers - Bills

Monday, December 16

  • Colts at Saints - Saints

Nothing is up for grabs but bragging rights if you can out pick me. Make 'em and let's have some fun.

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