I'm a big ol loveable nerd. I enjoy video games, Japanese anime, superhero movies and Transformers. Yes, those robots in disguise that is a massive toy line and has generated multiple cartoons and seven live action movies. We'll get to hear Peter Cullen's big voice once again as Optimus Prime as he teams his Autobots up with the Maximals in a battle against the Decepticons and the Predacons next summer.

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New Trailer

The trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts debuted today (December 1) with our first look at Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Mirage, Arce, Rhinox and some brief glimpses of Scourge and the Predacons.

Most of You are Like, What?

Yes, I have a deep knowledge of the lore of Transformers so it all makes sense to me. All you need to know is that this will be an epic movie full of huge battle sequences and some heartfelt interactions between humans and robots.

Live Action Movie Criticisms Don't Diminish My Joy

The criticisms are fair for all the live action movies that have come before. I have been critical of them myself. That doesn't diminish how exciting it is to see my childhood toys and cartoons on the big screen in a live action setting. Its so much fun. This scene from Bumblebee that features the Transformers in a battle on Cybertron really makes me wish we could get a full movie like this:

My Transformers Collection

Thanks to a fire at my apartment in July, my Transformers collection is in storage until me and my girlfriend can get a bigger place but this was the setup that showed off my fandom. That's not even all of it, either, as I have other movie posters, the original cartoons on DVD, the animated movie from 1986, all the live action movies and the video games. Not to mention the various pieces of Transformers apparel I have, too.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Needless to say, I am excited for June 9, 2023 when Transformers: Rise of the Beasts comes to theaters. Its going to be an absolute blast.

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