Be very excited because something scrumptious is coming soon, Longview, Texas friends.

You know how sometimes you take a chance a try a new restaurant you've never been to before and realize you've just found a new favorite?

That was the experience I had when I first visited Tiba Grill in Tyler, Texas. And now Longview, Texas people will have the opportunity to have this experience. Tiba Grill announced on the All Things Longview Facebook page that they'd be opening a location there soon:

"Hey Longview some of yall might recognize us from Tyler, we are a Family-run Mediterranean restaurant that serves fresh a great Mediterranean food. I heard on here that people are tired of eating the same food in this town so I just wanted to come in here real quick and give y'all a heads up. We're opening a new location soon IN LONGVIEW!

check out Tiba Grill-Tyler,Tx to see what we're all about!"

So, here's why I fell in love with Tiba Grill, and think you might, too:

It was one of those days when my schedule was a bit different than normal and I'd not had lunch yet. When I realized how hungry I was I was passing Tiba Grill in Tyler, Texas. If you're not familiar, it is in the location where The Honey Tree used to be on Shelley Drive.

I'd heard a co-worker talking about how amazing the food at this Mediterranean restaurant is, and so despite being a creature of habit, I decided to pull in and give it a try.

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When I walked I was instantly hit with a beautiful, savory-spicy aroma, but different than what we usually encounter in East Texas. I was intrigued. As I was walking over to the counter, I noticed the grocery area which had been in the location before was filled with all kinds of interesting items which I would delightfully discover more fully later.

When I arrived at the counter, I noticed some amazing-looking baklava under a glass top which I can now confirm, after having it for a later dessert, is some of the best I've ever had. I perused the menu and after making a tough decision went with the Gyros Plate served with rice and two sides--I chose the Greek Salad and Hummus.

I can honestly say this is one of my favorite meals I've ever had in East Texas and sometimes I find myself randomly craving it. Yeah, it's one of those kinds of places.

The gyro meat was tender and flavorful. The rice was mild but perfectly seasoned. The Greek salad kind of blew my mind--the dressing. The way it's chopped, rather than giant leaves that can sometimes be hard to eat all made it easily one of the best I've ever had. The hummus was fresh and delicious and authentic and now I struggle eating most store-bought hummus these days.

Did I mention that baklava? Just wow. 

I've not had the chance to try everything on the menu, but I will. And everything I have ordered has been well done, indeed. Did I mention they also cater?

Here's a quick photo gallery of some of the amazing dishes they serve in Tyler and soon in Longview, Texas, too:

The Scrumptious Food You'll Love at Tiba Grill in Tyler and (Soon) Longview, Texas

Here's a quick photo gallery of some of the amazing dishes they serve in Tyler and soon in Longview, Texas, too:

Gallery Credit: Tara Holley

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