Earlier today, an East Texas media outlet posted a story on their social media page claiming the City of Tyler water supply lines were frozen. This was a mistake made by one well-meaning poster (and we all make them, from time to time.) It was meant to read the City of Whitehouse water supply lines were frozen--which is true. The headline was later corrected.

However, it did cause much alarm and extra panic in the midst of an already stressful situation. Since then, the rumor morphed, as rumors are prone to do, and has been spreading quickly on social media.

The good news: No, the City of Tyler's water supply is NOT freezing. But some Tyler residents are completely without water and some are down to a trickle.

So what IS happening?

Just a few moments ago, I spoke with the Director of Communications for the City of Tyler, Julie Goodgame, who thankfully put the rumor to rest.

Goodgame says the Tyler water supply is perfectly fine. What Tyler residents are experiencing right now is the result of water main breaks caused by the severe cold--this is causing depressurization in some areas. She confirmed the Tyler Water Utilities team has been hard at work, and will continue to be until the issues are resolved.

So what do Tyler residents do in the meantime?

Goodgame said "the best thing Tyler residents can do to protect the water system right now is to seek to be good stewards. Don't put undue stress on the water system. That means please don't use the dishwasher, laundry machine, run a full bath, or do anything requires a large volume of water until the Tyler Water Utilities crew can make the needed reparations."

A City of Tyler press release went out minutes ago stating that "TWU crews will notify residents when a water main affects their water service. If you experience low water pressure and have not been contacted by TWU, contact the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant at (903) 597-6541."

Photo source: City of Tyler Twitter page
Photo source: City of Tyler Twitter page

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