The fad or trend right now is East Texas is finding the best fancy tea or coffee. Longview went through a two month span of 100 (exaggerating, of course, but it seemed like that many) different coffee shops opening up. I'm not much of a coffee drinker so I really didn't get all the excitement for these. Tyler is now home to 13 Starbucks with the latest opening in front of Target, which has a Starbucks inside of it. (Facepalm ensues).

But I digress.

Apparently fancy tea is now the hot trend. HTeaO in Tyler brought some to the station in February and I enjoyed it. I like tea, I just haven't dove deep into the tea craze. Another popular tea stop is expanding in East Texas with fans becoming very excited for the new locations.

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NobiliTea has a location right next to Texas De Brazil on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler. I've never tried their tea so I cannot comment on the taste of their various drinks. I had to go to their website,, to find out a little more about their special drink. I like the first two sentences of their mission statement:

Our mission at NobiliTea® is to quench thirst, spread joy, and promote healthy communities by serving superior products to every customer. NobiliTea® defines a superior product as one that contains the highest quality ingredients, is organically-sourced, promotes healthy lifestyles, and evokes joy in those consuming.

I guess I will just have to stop by one day and actually give it a try. If you have some suggestions on what I should try please let me know in the station app chat.

Fans of Nobilitea got very excited with some recent announcements on the Tyler Facebook page. There are four new locations coming to East Texas:

Longview will be getting a location, too, though it wasn't listed in those cards. The Lindale, Jacksonville and Longview locations have yet to be determined so we'll keep an eye on that news and pass it along when we hear it.

But get excited as new tea options are coming across East Texas.

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