It's funny, some friends and I were just discussing this once hot taco spot and lamenting over the fact that we no longer have one in East Texas. And now, it's coming back.

That "hot spot?" Taco Cabana.

People have missed having access to this fast casual, affordable taco restaurant. I remember when we had one in Tyler back in the day, it was often one of our favorite places to go.

(Back then, there was ALSO a possibility that you could get away with drinking underage but...we wouldn't know ANYTHING about that, would we? *clears throat awkwardly.*) 

ANYWAY, moving along past that little tidbit..

It's not that we don't already have some incredible places to score an amazing variety of tacos in East Texas. But when it comes to taco spots in East Texas, the more the merrier! Right?! Well... IF...

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When we found out that after two years of being closed, the Taco Cabana on Loop 281 in Longview was planning to re-open, we were pretty stoked. EXCEPT--here's the thing:

Whoever is re-opening it needs to take these thoughts from Longview residents seriously.

Apparently, there were some significant contributing factors which may have caused the Taco Cabana to close.

And so, even though Longview residents are excited its set to re-open, there are some concerns.

Recently, we found out some of the reasons Longview folks are skeptical about the re-opening of Taco Cabana in Longview.

The comments were a 'plenty on one social media group page. Some of the most common concerns raised?

People Are Excited About Taco Cabana Re-Opening in Longview--BUT Only if They Fix THESE things

Sure, many are happy its returning to East Texas. However, people who remember it from years ago are concerned that THESE issues won't be dealt with...

And when you're ready for dessert?! OMG LOOK at this:

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