Many of us have found ourselves with extra time since the lock down. (Certainly not all of us, though. Honestly, I've felt more busy since the quarantine began. Not to mention our heroic medical professionals.)

Enough time has gone by now that polls have been taken to get a look at how people have chosen to spend that time--or not. Online entertainment site posted a poll which has now yielded some interesting results to share regarding what activities have been the most and least popular during the lock down.

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The poll results revealed some of the top hobbies in which people have chosen to engage. They include watching TV and films (no surprise there), exercise, and reading. I was encouraged to hear about the exercise and reading in particular. Americans could definitely use more of those activities.

So, what are the activities last on the list? They include writing, learning to play an instrument, and learning a foreign language. Now, disclaimer: this was on a list of hobbies that have been enjoyed, so think of these as the least of the best.

I personally have been working more on my German, which I find to be great fun. It also seems to help me think more clearly--even in English! So there's that.

Speaking of exercise, according to the poll results, home workouts, or at least the interest in them, is five times more popular when compared to interest last year at this time. Also, communication is up quite a bit. Dealing with a pandemic has many folks compelled to reach out and talk to friends and family more often. How's that for irony?

What are you favorite ways to spend the extra time at home?

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