So, who knows exactly how long it will be before things return to "normal." (Whatever that means, but that's another post.) In the meantime, people are adjusting still to the new reality, sometimes in creative ways.

As aforementioned, I've enjoyed seeing people dig into home projects and picking up new skills into which they normally never seem to find time to delve. I think there's something healthy about this more "human" pace of life. But I digress.

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Last night I pulled a computer game off the shelf I've not played in years. It's quite old but has long been a go-to for me. It's a game called CivCity Rome. Similar to others of its kind, you're tasked to build a classical Roman city and manage the infrastructure and culture of the settlement.

I love this game. So addictive.
I love this game. So addictive.


In addition to being fun, it teaches you more than you'd think about the history of ancient Rome. You get to place structures, build coliseums, and make sure your simulated Roman citizens are happy so the town will thrive. I love it.

Then today, I found I had an immense craving for Italian food. Hmm. Coincidence? I think not. After hours of building Roman cities and learning about the culture, the idea of eating anything other than pasta today seemed impossible. Which got me to thinking...

Maybe you have kids and you want to keep their education moving along well. Or maybe you just enjoy learning. Maybe you're simply bored as heck and looking for unusual ways to spend your extra time. So why not this: Plan themed weekends (or weekdays) built around a subject or culture as a fun way to keep your kids (or yourself) entertained while learning something new?

For me, it was classical Rome and Italy. But it could just as easily be Texas history, the MIng Dynasty, the Japanese samurai culture, or even your own family history. Whatever it may be, choose a relevant activity, watch a movie that illustrates your subject, and of course, plan a meal or snack for delicious inspiration.

What culture or subject might you want to learn all about this week?

I think I've found a new favorite pastime.

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