Friday nights, we gather under the lights for high school football in Texas. Saturday, we tailgate at the stadiums of our favorite college teams or gather in our homes to root on the current crop of college football standouts. There are many rivalries in college football that make those games exciting to watch like Michigan versus Ohio State, USC versus Notre Dame or Alabama versus LSU. One rivalry is one of the best in college football and is played in the most unique setting of any rivalry game, Texas versus O-Who, I mean, OU. That rivalry will continue for the next decade.

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Red River Rivalry

It was announced on Wednesday, December 6 that the Red River Rivalry between the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma would continue to be played at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas through 2036. The rivalry game will continue to be played with the backdrop of the State Fair of Texas. The two teams started playing each other in 1900 with 2023 marking the 119th time the teams have played which is only eclipsed by the University of Michigan versus Ohio State University.

This game is nostalgic for so many. This rivalry has been played in the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair of Texas for nearly a century. It is the most unique setting in all of college football. Both Longhorns and Sooners fans have centered annual traditions around this game, traveling to Dallas every year to showcase their pride and be a part of the most iconic rivalry in college football history. - State Fair of Texas President Mitchell Glieber

Cotton Bowl Renovations

The Cotton Bowl will be undergoing some major renovations over the next few years thanks to a $140 million investment by the City of Dallas. Those improvements include widening concourses, adding escalators, updates to concessions and restrooms and increasing the number of hospitality areas and premium environments (WFAA).

This is great news for Texas and Oklahoma college football fans. No matter which team you root for, this game is always fun to watch.

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