Texans have a lot of pride in their favorite road trip stop of Buc-ee's. The Texas based company started small with stores along the gulf coast of Texas in the 1980s. In the early 2000s, Buc-ee's started thinking bigger and began working their way north in Texas building the behemoth stores we are accustomed to now. The road trip stops began popping up in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida with proposed new stores in Louisiana, Colorado and a couple of other states coming soon. A new location has just been approved to come to North Carolina but residents there are not at all happy it's coming.

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Mebane, North Carolina

The City Council in Mebane, North Carolina, located about halfway between Durham and Greensboro, approved the building of a new Buc-ee's in their city. Mebane is somewhat of a small town with a population of just over 17,000. The public was at that city council meeting, that lasted until 2 a.m. Tuesday, to voice their displeasure of the Texas based pit stop coming to town. Residents wondered why there would be a need for a gas station with 120 gas pumps or were worried that it would cause unnecessary traffic congestion.

I think it's just going to cause me to be waiting at stoplights more and more. More than I currently do. More than I want to. - Edward Mazurek <br />Why does anyone need 120 gas pumps? Seriously...there's already gas stations along this highway. - Lib Hutchby

Some Were in Favor

Not everyone was upset about Buc-ee's coming to town. One resident said that something would come to that vacant piece of land eventually. That resident believed Buc-ee's would be beneficial to the city ond the county. Another resident said their kids want to go to one just to experience it (KHOU).


After the long and contentious meeting, the City Council in Mebane unanimously approved the building of Buc-ee's in their city. No timetable was set for the start of construction.

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