It looks like it may take until the end of the week for the repair on the Rice Road sinkhole to be completed in Tyler, Texas.

Late last week Tyler, Texas residents learned of a sinkhole that had developed on Rice Road, causing Eastbound lanes of traffic to shut down between South Broadway and Old Bullard Road.

According to a report from KETK, Tyler City officials reported the cause was a storm drain that had a hole in it, which caused saturation in the ground, and that a sewer line could be compromised, as well."

City officials also said a manhole would have to be replaced.

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The initial 72-hour work window that was projected for completion has now been expanded to, possibly, the remainder of the week, say Tyler, TX officials.

Initially, the expected work time before completion was 72 hours. However, due to issues related to locations of telecom and utility lines, weather, wear on the infrastructure and more, and given that this was "unplanned work," City officials have shared the work would need to take longer.

As one might expect, the sinkhole has caused inconveniences for business owners in Tyler, TX. However, a sinkhole repair isn't something that should be rushed, for obvious reasons.

They will also be repairing another "void" in a location north of the intersection, as well.

City of Tyler Public Information Officer LouAnn Campbell told KETK that work crews "ran into more complications than expected when repairing the sinkhole" and crews need to make sure it handled properly to "protect the public and the infrastructure under the road."

Here's a quick news report they shared regarding the update:

In the meantime, let's all be as patient as we can for the hardworking crews making the necessary repairs that will keep us all safe.

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