All of us at KNUE, and I'm sure you are as well, are proud of Bubba for becoming a volunteer fireman. It's just awesome.

Bubba has shared his story of losing his home in a fire when he was a kid. Because of that, he wanted to become a fireman.

Well, Keith Urban also was the victim of a fire when he was a child. His family lost their home as well.

Word got to Keith about Bubba's hard work to become a fireman and sent an almost life size stuffed Dalmatian to hang out in the studio with the guys.

Keith signed it, too. Pretty cool. Keith is one of the coolest country stars out there right now.

Just a personal story, I met Keith, I believe, in 2008 in Shreveport. Very cool dude to everyone in that meet and greet. Took the time to shake everyone's hand, say hi and play for us, too.

Bubba now has his Dalmatian proudly on display in their studio.

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