Do you ever find yourself having those weeks (or months...or years) where you feel melancholy a little too often? Maybe there's a constant fatigue with which you struggle, even after a full night's sleep? If it's an ongoing issue there could be a physical reason for it, and it's a good idea to see your doctor about it.

However, barring any medical conditions, sometimes we can get into a habit of sadness. We can become accustomed to "sitting this one out." And that one can become many. We start to see ourselves as just one of those people who isn't as engaged in life. Wait. Just wait. Here's the thing: Sometimes, we have to "push" ourselves into life.

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I've been there. The trap is that the more you engage, or don't engage, life this way, the more it seems like it's just part of your personality. In reality, it may not be at all. Sometimes we try to work out all of our emotions or insecurities before we feel ready to try something new, make a phone call, or go for that new job opportunity.

In reality, sometimes all we need is to push ourselves into action. Not negatively, though. Acknowledge how you feel, but go ahead and take small steps anyway. It's true that often our mood can follow our action.

I'm not saying we don't need down time to watch movies for hours and hours or yes allow yourself that cupcake. What I mean is that once you've had your fill, don't be afraid to get up, take a shower, and prepare to live your life.

Take the class. Call the friend. Update your resume. Live your life. Very often, you'll find that engaging in these acts on something akin to faith, you'll often start to feel a little better.

Many of us practice verbal affirmations. Well, that's what this is...basically. Except you're affirming through action.


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