Squirrels might be onto something.  It looks like they're dying, but really they're just trying to cool off by splooting.  

You've probably seen your dog do it too, after a long walk through the neighborhood.  Before my dog even looks for the water dish, he finds a cool spot on the hardwood floor and sprawls out like he's in love with the floor and wants to give it a long, soft hug.  He sploots.

Squirrels are going viral with their sploots this summer too.  It's like they're trying to stretch out their bodies as far as they can to get some air or find a cool spot.  Or, maybe this is the new 2020 give up pose, we can't be sure.  We've had it with life right now, and so have squirrels.  Splooting is good therapy for all of us.

Squirrels and chipmunks have been splooting for eons, but the pictures are ending up online now because people are spending more time at home and have time to notice animal behaviors that they might have overlooked before.

It will be in the mid-90s again today, so if you see a splooting squirrel around East Texas, send it in!  You can email it to us, or connect on our socials and in the mobile app.  Thanks for listening at work too.  We'll all be splooting afterward.

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