Owning a house is one thing, owning a piece of land is another. There's just something about having that plot of grass and trees that let's you know you are living the American dream. Land can be plentiful when out in a rural area but there is also land inside of the concrete jungle. It's on that small piece of property where you can add a home or a spot for storage or a little park for many to enjoy. I took a look at zillow.com to find the cheapest (by real estate standards) plots of land available in Tyler, Texas. The 10 cheapest are below.

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Rented All My Life But Looking Into Buying a Home

I have rented all of my life so I can't be one to offer home buying or land buying advice. I can only give you a perspective based on price alone. I have started the process of buying my first home and I'm excited to finally learn what that process is like and to hopefully finally be able to not pay rent anymore. My family does own a nice chunk of land in rural Lindale so I hope I can have a piece of that later on in life. For those who've owned a home for a long time, your excitement is most likely way less than mine but for someone like me whose never had that opportunity, I can't wait to go through the steps, and the perils, of ownership.

Cheapest Properties in Tyler

I got curious and decided to look up just pieces of land available in the Tyler area. These pieces of land are just that, land. Some of these pieces may have a structure on them, others are just full of grass and trees. As far as real estate goes, these are the cheapest pieces of land in Tyler. So give them a look below and I included a link to the property's page below the picture.

Take a Look at the 10 Cheapest Plots of Land in Tyler

Being able to own a piece of land is important for a majority of people. Here are 10 plots of land available for cheap (real estate speaking) in Tyler.

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