They had us at Tex-Mex food! Rico's Kitchen and Cantina is slated to have a grand opening in Longview (1217 McCann Road) and we cannot wait to taste the cuisine!

via GIPHY reports Rico's restaurant owners, Rich Seymour, Johnny Rodriguez, and Rene Ramirez have big plans for the old McCann Street Grill building location.

So does this mean we have some delicious sizzling fajitas in our future? Perhaps some mouth-watering Barbacoa? I personally cannot wait until my turn at the menu at Rico's.

From the sounds of it, Rico's won't be just another ordinary place to rack up on tamales, enchiladas, and beers with limes on the inside. They are planning to add a karaoke club and space where local bands can come to kick it for jam sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. I'd be down for that.


The eatery also plans to offer authentic Mexican meals. MMM, that is making me think there will be some homemade flour tortillas and secret recipe salsas, too.

My favorite Mexican dish is chicken mole. I have tried to make it several times and it always comes out tasting gross. That's what I get for not having authentic recipes. I have tried to recreate the ones I've seen on YouTube, but I think they are using secret ingredients that they deliberately leave out on the video.

I've even tried to make chicken mole using the Dona Maria sauce, but it just doesn't taste as great as they make it at El Cancun (1405 S High St). I will keep on trying to perfect my Tex-Mex, at least until Rico's Kitchen and Cantina opens up.

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