Going to a fair or a rodeo are time honored traditions in Texas. Texas has one of the most popular fairs every fall in the State Fair of Texas. A couple million people come every year to be greeted by a "Howdy y'all" from Big Tex. A couple million people will attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year, too. A new ranking shows that our state fair and huge rodeo were one and two in attendance in the nation for 2022.

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Fairs and Rodeos are a Time Honored Texas Tradition

Doesn't matter if its your small town fair or rodeo or the same in a big city, its always a blast screaming on the rides, trying the food, watching athletes survive eight seconds on a bull, enjoying the food, winning that teddy bear tossing darts and eating lots of food. Every fall, Dallas is home to the biggest fair in the state, State Fair of Texas. A couple million Texans, and some non-Texans, make the trek to enjoy the fair. Every February, a couple million Texans, and some non-Texans, make the trek to enjoy the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Texas Big in National Rankings

In the latest rankings sent out by Carnival Warehouse, the State Fair of Texas came in at number one and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo came in at number two in attendance, IN THE NATION, for 2022.

Carnival Warehouse
Carnival Warehouse

More Texas Events in the Top 10

What's even better is as you scroll down the list, you will see the San Antonio Livestock Show and Exhibition at number seven and the Fort Worth Stock Show at number nine in total attendance. I need to emphasis again, IN THE NATION. That's pretty cool seeing Texas hold four of the ten spots of most attended fairs and rodeos.

2023 Fair and Rodeo

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is gearing up for another big year to kick off February 28 with lots of rodeo action, young men and women showing off their prize livestock and huge stars performing on stage each night. The State Fair of Texas will be back September 29 with Big Tex greeting us, Texas and O Who continuing their rivalry and a plethora of unique fair food concoctions for us to try. 2023 is set to be another huge year for both events.

2022 Big Tex Choice Awards Top 10 Finalists

Every year, the State Fair of Texas shows off some of wildest concoctions of food anywhere with the Big Tex Choice Awards. Here are your Top Ten finalist for this year. 

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Here are the New Foods You'll Be Able to Try at the 2022 State Fair of Texas in Dallas

Fair season is here which means we are gonna get our turkey leg, corn dog and funnel cake fixes in. For the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, you can get all that and so much more.

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