We all know Jason Aldean from his music. Whether it's "She's Country", "Burnin' It Down" or "Drowns The Whiskey", you have a favorite.

But did you know Jason is a big baseball fan?

How is he at wiffle ball, though? Big D and Bubba put him to the test.

The setting is behind the station. Bubba is catching, Patrick is pitching, Big D is filming.

Jason gets three pitches to hit a fair ball. Oh, and he's a right handed batter but is batting left handed just to add some challenge.

Patrick delivered the first pitch which Jason hits foul.

Second pitch is way outside.

Third pitch is almost right down the middle which Jason hits just over the "second baseman" for a hit.

Jason Aldean for the win. There should be a rematch if Jason can make it to the studio again.

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