Big D, of Big D and Bubba, is the official "Game Maker Upper Dude" of the show. So what has he thought up? Well, bring in a leaf blower, cleaned up, of course, and blow it someone's face while they try to drink a cup of water. And yes, hilarity ensued.

Remember, Big D and Bubba are professional weirdos so do not try this at home.

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So yeah, this idea from Big D was brought into the Big D and Bubba studio. Big D brought his leaf blower (cleaned up real nice, of course) with the idea to try to drink water while the leaf blower goes off in his face.

However, Big D wasn't the first to try it out, that privilege (is it?) went to Carsen. Nope, she couldn't do it. Big D then tried it out and somewhat succeeded. Patrick was next. We think he somewhat cheated by using two hands to hold his cup which also kinda blocked the blown air. Bubba was last with a successful drink.

One word describes this new game...Greatness. Some of Big D and Bubba's studio guests have given this a try, too.

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