I was sincerely perplexed.

So, I was always under the impression that cats, unlike dogs, instinctively followed a very particular, carnivorous diet. All of the cats I've ever cared for in the past simply sniffed at whatever I may be enjoying before wandering off to do other cat things.

Then I met Jasper, "the yellow peril." (Just a little nickname for a quite comedic, adorable, thieving, lovable cat.)

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One morning, while it was still quite dark, I silently padded to the kitchen half-asleep when I felt my toes squish into something cold and...well, squishy. I lifted my foot and sort of hopped over to the paper towels without drama.

After all, all pet owners know there will be the mornings of stepping in things that are squishy. It's really neat. o_o.

I flipped on the light, prepared to start wiping away the mess on my foot, when what did I see laying mangled across the floor? My poor tomatoes had been murdered in the night. Yep. Three half chewed, torn apart tomatoes.

Perplexed, but with certain knowledge that this was the doing of the "yellow peril," I turned to see him looking up at me with the most adorable eyes a cat can muster. How do they know they do this?

They clearly know how to manipulate--because I could not be mad. What would be the point? Honestly it was adorable and made me concerned that I wasn't providing all of the nutrients he needed in his food and made a note to look into that.

It wasn't only tomatoes, though. He's stolen a giant strawberry right off of my plate by its green parts, scurrying off to hide under the couch to eat it like a stoned guinea pig. He's coveted an occasional tater tot, and even loves a cracker from time to time--just like Polly. (Sorry, bad joke.)

But tomatoes are clearly his favorite. After a few more rounds of "kill Mom's tomatoes in the night like a veggie vampire," I decided to make a deal with him. I keep one of my tomatoes in a baggie in the fridge and when he meows to the tune of Clair de Lune, I will slice up a bit of it and give it to him.

Tara's cat, Jasper the Veggie Vampire
Tara's cat, Jasper the Veggie Vampire

Well, that's at least what I pretend is happening. The tomato part in the baggie is true and I just have to keep my other tomatoes in a cabinet somewhere. (But wouldn't it be really cool if I got him to do that? I'm working on it.)

Anyway, the quick vid above is proof that we're making progress. I guess I should be thankful he didn't become so obsessed with like, Baked Alaska or something. That would be much more complicated.

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Do your pets like weird foods?

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