Many of us dream of winning the big lottery jackpot and building our dream home on our dream piece of property. The chances of that happening are not very big so it'll just have to remain a dream. But, if you want to take a bit of a staycation and live out that lottery winning dream, or have some friends and family coming to town, this Tyler, Texas Airbnb could be just the place.

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Dream of Winning the Lottery

I've always had the big dream of winning the lottery, buying a private island and building a huge house that I could host my friends at every weekend. That house would include a huge arcade, a nightclub type area, a huge pool and whatever else comes to mind that would be fun to do. Chances are slim it will happen but it's never bad to have a dream.

Luxury Airbnb in Tyler

This particular Tyler Airbnb comes pretty close to that lottery winning dream of mine, minus the arcade and nightclub. By the size of this house, though, I'm sure both of those could easily be added. This Airbnb sits on ten acres at the corner of Cumberland Road and Cherokee Trail in Tyler. For us hometown folk, you can drive by this spot and check out the home.

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In all, there are 69 amenities to take advantage of. I won't cover all 69 but here are a few:

  • Full kitchen
  • 4 car garage
  • Hot tub
  • Pool
  • Wifi
  • Fireplace
  • Screened Patio
  • 7 TV's

Huge Master Bedroom

This place is basically a hotel stay but not at a hotel. One of things that really grabbed my attention is the master bedroom is probably the size of your living room. It's huge. If you've got some folks coming to town and looking for a neat place to stay, head over to and see when it's available. Check out the virtual tour of the Tyler Airbnb below.

Luxury Tyler Airbnb Perfect for a Staycation or Friends and Family Coming to Town

This Tyler Airbnb is the probably that home you dream about when winning the lottery.

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