Crystal Gayle is a country music legend. Being Loretta Lynn's sister doesn't hurt either. Loretta actually helped get her into the music business. It was a bit of a challenge, though, because with Crystal being related to Loretta, her label wanted to her to sound like Loretta.

Thankfully, Loretta helped put a stop to that. That's about when Crystal Gayle came into her break through hit "Don't It Make Her Brown Eyes Blue". We learned that when she recorded "Don't It Make Her Brown Eyes Blue", what we got was actually the first take at the recording session. That was in a time when the full band and singer would be together in the studio to record whereas today, it can be recorded piece by piece then mixed together.

Crystal is out with a new album, You Don't Know Me, that includes her version of Faron Young's "Hello Walls". It also has a song that was written by Dolly Parton and sung by Crystal Gayle, Loretta Lynn and her other sister Peggy Sue.

It's a great conversation you can listen to above.

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