In the midst of the hell-scape that has been 2020, it's extra important to take note of the things that bring joy to our lives. We need all the joy we can get. When we take an inventory of the people, places, and things that add so much goodness and light to our lives, for many of us, dogs fall near, or at the very top, of that list.

Although I don't have the pleasure of being a dog guardian at this point in my life, my intense love for these creatures that seem to be nothing but a manifestation of 100% pure love has not changed.

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I confess t's hard for me to fully accept that we somehow get to share our lives with dogs. Honestly, I wonder sometimes if we even deserve them. ;) They remind us every day to live in the moment, to be grateful, and to laugh, play, and be silly. On top of that, research has shown that dog guardians may even live longer since dogs seem to have such a healing effect on our heart and somehow manage to bring down our stress levels even on the darkest days.

If you've been considering adopting a dog, I want to encourage you to connect with the SPCA of East TexasPets Fur People, the Longview Animal Care & Adoption Center, or any of these incredible East Texas facilities that work diligently every day to find homes for the best friends we'll ever have. If you can--adopt, don't shop.

I look forward to adopting a dog again soon. Ever since I lost my beloved Wolfie a few years ago, there's been a notable absence. In fact, every dog I've ever had the joy of spending time with has made an impression on my heart. Add some sunshine to your days, and consider adopting--today.

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