True Vine Brewing Brewing Company in Tyler, Texas is acting all coy these days. Earlier this month, the popular brewing company announced they will be moving their location with the beloved backyard to a bigger, more expansive location centralized to the city of Tyler.

On Sunday, they added another piece to the puzzle as us craft beer drinkers eagerly await the announcement about their new location.

If you're like me and prefer reading over watching videos (or if you're like me and can't play the sound at work!), here's what they're teasing at the new location for True Vine Brewing:

  • Secluded, Central Tyler Location
  • Spacious Tap Room & Backyard
  • Kids Park!
  • Dog Park!
  • Premier Music Venue
  • Barrel Aging Program
  • Sola Pizza Co
  • More Parking
  • Real Restrooms
  • More Beer

We are still waiting for the announcement that gives us the long awaited opening (and actual location), but we understand. They want to make this amazing... and that takes time.

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