Recently I started exercising again. By exercising, I mean I have found about a mile-and -a-half trek through the neighborhood I live by for my walk/jog. It's not much but you gotta start somewhere, right?

At one time I had a bicycle that I would ride quite a bit. I used to live so close to the station, in fact, I would ride it to work on occasion. I have thought about getting a new bike and starting that up again.

Tyler has done great by adding plenty of sidewalks that are able to be ridden on. Rose Rudman Trail is also great for bike riding.

But Tyler is looking into a grant to help with adding dedicated bike lanes in the city according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph. These lanes could also accommodate motorcycles as well.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media - Donnybrook Ave. Bike Lane

The Transportation Set Aside Program allows for cities with populations below 200,000 to apply for this grant. It would provide funds for 80 percent of the costs. The city would have to cover engineering and right of way costs.

Right now, Tyler has about 25 miles of bike routes but only five of those miles have designated lanes according to the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Donnybrook Avenue has a stretch of them, so does Sunnybrook Drive.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media - Sunnbrook Dr Bike Lane

A resolution will go for vote with the Tyler City Council in April. The city will know if they are approved for the grant this Fall.