The Kilgore Police Department shared an interesting story today about the commotion in downtown Kilgore on Monday and they showed off some of that sense of humor too.

According to the police department's Facebook post, there was some heated activity in Kilgore that ended with the arrest of Ira Beall from Tyler, who was caught with several pounds of marijuana and 24 grams of crack cocaine. Here is the entertaining anecdote from KPD:

Traffic Officer Jason Romine attempted to stop a a speeder going west on Hwy 31, but the driver tried to evade the officer and drove south on 42 before going onto Longview St. Eventually, the driver ended up 'lost' in downtown (their words).

During all of this, Officers Brady Middlebrooks and JB Pierce just ordered some food at Charburger. They heard Officer Romine asking for assistance on the radio so they left the restaurant - only to fidn the driver flying down Kilgore St. with the windows open (he had apparently just dumped the narcotics out the window, which a Good Samaritan found and brought to the police).

The officers who didn't get to eat their burgers yelled "Stop!" and guess what? The driver pulled over and stopped! He was then taken in to the Bulldog B&B (Bed and Breakfast) and booked in where is he is enjoying our 1st Class amenities.

Reading this post from KPD felt like I was reading a scene from a police sitcom. Thank you to the officers who sacrificed their lunch and to the Good Samaritan who didn't just run off with a bunch of narcotics.

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