New playground equipment will be added to Tyler's Emmett J. Scott Park soon. But first, Tyler Parks and Recreation wants some input from your kiddos.

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Tyler Parks and Recreation are looking for your kids to vote on which new playground equipment will be set up. They can go to the new Tyler Parks and Recreation Facebook page to make their vote. Your kids will be able to see the four playgrounds that are in the running and pick which one is their favorite. See them below.

Tyler Parks and Recreation
Tyler Parks and Recreation

They all look like they'll be a blast. Show them to your kids and then go to and have them make their choice. That's it.

A new playground is not the only entertainment being added to the park; a new basketball court, sidewalks and pavilion are a part of the renovations. No date has been set as of yet for when the park will open.

If you want some further details, call Tyler Parks and Recreation at 903-531-1370 or visit their website or new Facebook page.

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