One of the most loved sweet treat spots in Tyler, Texas has announced a special treat to coincide with the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival coming up this weekend--and we can't wait to try it!

I mean, it does make perfect sense, doesn't it? For many of us here in East Texas, a trip to Andy's Frozen Custard means we're celebrating...something. Anything. Heck, even the trip itself tends to be a celebration because it is just so over-the-top delicious.

We were also honored that Andy's Frozen Custard decided to create a special, delicious concrete option for a Townsquare Media event. And THIS one, is VERY special, indeed.

Behold, the Red Dirt Concrete to coincide with this weekend's event!

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Obviously, you can look forward to enjoying this Red Dirt Andy's Frozen Custard Concrete at the location on the square in downtown Tyler. Seems only fittin.' HOWEVER, happily, you can also enjoy one at their original Tyler, TX location on South Broadway. Wherever you get it, just get it. And you're gonna wanna cuz this sounds amazing.

The Red Dirt Concrete is described on Andy's Frozen Custard's Facebook page:

This one is "made with blended Oreos and fresh strawberries, [and this] concrete is the perfect ending to country music and barbecue!"

Dear wonderful purveyors of such delectable sweet treats---we are inclined to agree with you. This sounds amazing!

And this is only available for a limited time. Again, you can grab yours at Andy’s Frozen Custard on the square in PlazaTower or on South Broadway "because – like the Red Dirt BBQ Festival – this special treat is one-of-a-kind."

Hope to see y'all this weekend at the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival in @downtowntyler. Maybe we can chat over one of these delicious concretes. ;)

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