When TikTok first came out of course I heard everyone talking about it, but I wanted to stay away from one more social media platform but like so many of us I now have an account and look at videos almost daily. I'm not as bad as so many of my friends who are truly addicted to this social media site but I do find myself going down the rabbit hole. When I am on TikTok I like looking at local videos, because I can what's going on in Tyler, TX.

Which is why I wanted to put together a list of the Top 5 most liked videos on TikTok that all have the same local hashtag of #tylertx. The most popular video has more than 500k likes than the 2nd place video on the list, so I wouldn't be shocked if you have seen that specific video before. But even the 5th place video has over 77,800 likes so every video on this list has done very well getting peoples attention.

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There is Only One Thing All of These Videos Have in Common

You guessed it, the only thing that each of the videos below have in common are that they have a tie to Tyler, Texas.

Even if You're Not on TikTok It's Still Fun to See What Local Videos Are Gaining Attention

More and more people are finding new social media platforms to explore and TikTok is definitely one of the most popular so lets take a look at the 5 most popular with the #tylertx.

5. 144.4k LIKES

@enrikz0915 #losinquietosdelnorte #litforever #fyp #foryoupage #crazyfamily #tylertx ♬ original sound - Enrique Ramirez

4. 208.5k LIKES

@mounttech.etx Ergo-Mart monitor track system in action! Perfect for an unlimited viewing experience. #fypシ #tvmount #easttexas #themounttech #tylertx #supportlocal ♬ Welcome to My House - Nu Breed & Jesse Howard

3. 402.7k LIKES

@alexisberryyyyy #tylertx #whiskeymyers ♬ Broken Window Serenade - Whiskey Myers

2. 411.5k LIKES

@meeklingg #inmateescape #inmatesoftiktok #fyp #tylertx ♬ original sound - MeekLing💋💄

1. 785.5k LIKES

@ipancakemixx @whiskeymyers your song, my home town. #timeout#155#tyler#tylertx♬ original sound - Dustie Dawn

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