Weather, wherever you live, can sometimes get pretty severe. It always is a little bit nerve-racking. But if you have a plan, and remember to follow it, you've done everything you can to stay safe.

During these events, some individuals may even have the chance to observe what the clouds bring to their area, and the results are rather incredible to see, safely of course. No one enjoys the thought of a hail storm, especially one that involves potential damage to property. Recently, one Waco resident posted a video of what Central Texas experienced.

That Is Not Normal Sized Hail

Twitter user Wilcojoe76 shared what he witnessed during the severe weather in Central Texas recently:

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To say that isn't normal would be an understatement. The hail was so large and coming down at a fast pace it was almost the same effect of throwing a rock into a lake from a high point. However, the size of the hail wasn't very clear in the video.

While some pieces can be seen in the video, an actual photo of the hail was shown by Meteorologist Matt Hines:

That is an insanely large piece of hail. Other sized hail appeared on socials via photos as well:

Moral of the story? If severe weather is heading your way, remember to stay inside! While items such as your car and living quarters could receive extensive damage, hail such as the ones shown could harm you.

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