Patrick's dating life has always been the butt of jokes with Big D and Bubba. That is until he met Viveca.

Patrick always insisted that he wanted to meet a girl who didn't listen to the show. Viveca doesn't. She still doesn't.

She did listen this morning as Patrick recapped Friday when he popped the question.

Viveca's family and friends were there. Patrick's daughter and family were there, too.

The video we see was actually recorded by a complete stranger. Patrick had a buddy recording from across the street but a bus passed in front of them right as he proposed.

It was a great moment, though. He had "Viveca Will You Marry Me" on the marquee, she saw it and turned around to Patrick on one knee. Patrick simply said "It won't be boring" and she said "Yes".

Congratulations Patrick. Now we want to make fun of how much you're not planning the wedding.

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