There have been, and will be, many Friday or Saturday nights where I will grab my favorite order from Whataburger then jump into a favorite video game. Currently, I'm playing through Tales of Arise. I'm only about five hours or so in but it's a really fun RPG (role playing game).

But I digress.

Whataburger has just opened a contest in their app where you could win a Whataburger themed XBox Series X console.

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I'll be completely honest with you, I've never played on a Microsoft XBox system. I've only had two interactions with an XBox console, actually. One was when I was helping my best friend set up the XBox One she got for her girls and the second was just this weekend when I helped setup XBox Game Pass for PC for my girlfriend's daughter. So no, I've never played Halo or Forza Horizon or Gears of War or any other XBox exclusive games.

I'm a PlayStation guy. Nothing against XBox, I've just always been a fan of PlayStation and their exclusive games since the PlayStation 1. Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid were the two games that drew me to PlayStation. My fandom continued with the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid series on PlayStation 2, 3 and 4. There are other games and genres that I like to play, too, but those franchises are certainly two of my favorite. PlayStation has just always been my go to console.

I'm still waiting to pick up a PlayStation 5. The chip shortage because of the pandemic has made it really hard to find one. Same can be said for the XBox Series X. That's why this contest from Whataburger may have me owning my first XBox console. Between now and February 27, anytime you make an order through the Whataburger app, you are entered to win one of four Whataburger themed XBox Series X systems.

Screenshot / Whataburger App
Screenshot / Whataburger App

I order way more than I should from the Whataburger app so I'll gain a few entries in this contest. Hopefully you can too and win your own custom Whataburger XBox Series X. You probably don't get to choose which one you want. I do like the white one with the Whataburger logo and the orange one with the Whataburger road sign.

But hey, this is a fun contest going on now with Whataburger. I'll guess I'll have to order my usual number 5 with onion rings and large Dt. Dr Pepper for dinner tonight.

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