A bizarre situation has occurred in College Station, Texas as police have arrested a woman for forcing her roommate into prostitution to raise money for rent. According to the arrest report statement collected from the accused woman Amanda Bonner said her roommate,

"Had to pay bills to live here.”

The investigation claims that several customers in Brazos County paid for services for more than a month prior to the arrest on June 2nd. It has not been reported how much money was collected in that time, but it does raise several questions.

Did neighbors know the prostitution business was happening?

Google Street View/Canva
Google Street View/Canva

The investigation revealed phone messages and posted ads on websites that lead to a warrant being issued for Bonner. The report says she was a resident of Pearl Apartments off Harvey Road between Dartmouth Street and East George Bush Drive.

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After the arrest was made, you can probably imagine several residents began voicing their suspicions, but as well know all too well, hindsight is not only 20/20, but sadly also often too late. That's why it is so imperative to say something if you see something that looks out of place.

What do you do if you believe criminal activity is happening near your home?

Always call the police, and report suspicious activity. If they perform a proper investigation, they will be able to identify if a real danger exists. Also, it is incredibly difficult to investigate something you are not aware of, so always notify authorities.

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