In 2018, Haynes King lead the Longview Lobos to their first state championship in 80 years. He lead the Lobos one more year before starting college at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. Just before the 2021 season, King was named the starter but a broken leg sidelined him. Before this season began, King once again won the starting job. This time it wasn't injuries that sidelined him, but some rocky starts. It appears now that King will be leaving Texas A&M.

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College Football Transfer Portal

College football has basically turned into the National Football League's (NFL) minor league. It seems more and more that players are only positioning themselves at a school in hopes of being drafted into the pros. That's why every year we hear of disgruntled players or players wanting more playing time enter college football's transfer portal to move on to a different school.

Longview's Haynes King's Struggles at Texas A&M

That's not to say that Longview's Haynes King is disgruntled but he hasn't had the best of luck since starting at Texas A&M. A broken leg knocked him out of his starting position in 2021 while inconsistent play kept him from being the consistent starter this season at quarterback. After being a part a of a three man quarterback rotation this season, King has decided to enter college football's transfer portal to leave Texas A&M (KETK). As far as where King will go has not been announced yet.

Haynes King at Longview High School

Haynes King finished his time in Longview with some pretty impressive stats. King threw for 7,537 yards passing combined for his sophomore, junior and senior years. He threw 82 touchdowns to only 17 interceptions and completed 61 percent of his passes. It was during Haynes King's junior year that the Longview Lobos took home their 6A Division II championship by defeating Beaumont West Brook 35-34 at AT&T Stadium. It was the first football championship for the lobos in 80 years. That season, King lead the Lobos with 3,879 yards passing, 42 touchdowns, 4 interceptions and completed 69 percent of his passes.

Let's hope that the Longview state champion quarterback can land on his feet at the right school for him. Good luck Haynes King, we'll certainly keep rooting you on wherever you play on Saturday.

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