I tend to be slightly skeptical. About various things. Including recommendations for the "new hot place ya gotta try!" So, although I'm a huge pie fan, when I meandered over to this new little place on Old Henderson Highway in Tyler, I brought along a bit of that skepticism. After all, how could they ever compare to what my Mom or Grandma made?

It's just a little place. In fact, I drove right by it the first time. Although that's all on my tendency to zone out while driving, cuz this little place is painted the most cheerful shade of turquoise you can imagine. And some talented artist hand painted "Just Pies" on the window and there is a nice sign out front. I was immediately charmed by it all. 

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Walking inside, you find a simple place. Quite straight-forward, really. A couple of little places to sit, if you are inclined to eat your pie there. I'll be honest, the young lady behind the counter didn't seem particularly thrilled that day, but perhaps she was dealing with personal stuff. We've all been there.

Photo: Tara Holley
Photo: Tara Holley

But then, the PIES. So. Many. Options. And that's quite something because it was a Saturday afternoon. I'm sure many people had already stopped in for their pies because there were quite a few open spots in the display case. But even still, so many choices. I knew I was in trouble. Me and choices have a tendency to go round and round. AND round. 

Thankfully, they let you buy all the pie you want. ;) So I picked up one of the most beautiful apple pies I've ever seen. Gosh, the crust on that thing--gorgeously delicious. Annand I also picked up a piece of chocolate meringue and another piece of some kind of coconut, chocolate, buttermilk masterpiece.

I opted to head on to the house and give the young lady her space. I then lied to myself and pretended I was only going to eat one piece of pie, knowing full well there would be a sampling of all. I mean, why do we kid ourselves?

All of them were so good. But I've barely scratched the surface of this pie potential. I'll definitely be back. And you've not been, I highly recommend you check them out forthwith.

I mean, how fantastic is it that there's a place in East Texas that serves JUST Pies? And they're JUST so good. Mom and Grandma would approve.

Here's a little tour of the place...and the PIE:

You Were Right and I'm in Love--Just Pies in Tyler is Just AMAZINGLY Yummy!

Just a little tour of Just Pies in Tyler. If you've not made your way over there yet--do yourself a favor and GO! CALLING ALL PIE LOVERS.

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