I'm always looking to increase my knowledge of health and weight-loss solutions; and I've learned that the best way to effectively do that is to really research what's on your food and drink product labels. I was shocked at the information I discovered regarding diet sodas, and the secret dangers that are hidden behind that sweet, refreshing fizz.

New research is showing that not only is diet sodas bad for you, but also may attribute weight gain. Disappointing, I know, but unfortunately -- there's more:

1. Aspartame, which is the common artificial sweetener has been linked to sleep disorders, high blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue, and in some, cause arthritis flare-ups.

2. Because of many of the above listed symptoms, diet soda drinkers are at a higher increase for heart attack and stroke.

3. Research has indicated that typically, diet soda drinkers begin to increase the amount of diet soda they consume because it shows that it has zero calories. Zero calories can lead to binge eating and over eating.

4. pH levels are extremely important, and doctors and dietitians have linked having unbalanced pH levels to cancer and other medical problems. Diet soda is extremely acidic, with a pH level of 2.5. Confused at how acidic that is? According to reports, battery acid shows up as a 1 on the pH scale.

5. Some of the components used to make diet sodas can block certain things your body needs, like magnesium, calcium, along with blocking the excretion of certain hormones.

So, what should you drink? Watch the video below for some delicious and refreshing soda alternatives.

Dangers of Diet Soda

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