It's a good thing we have access to so much digital content and information. Otherwise the year of quarantine that is 2020 would have been much more difficult than it already was. I'm thankful for the modern conveniences we have--very thankful. It also makes communication with friends and loved ones possible when it isn't safe to see other face to face.

At the same time, the year has been lonelier. Without a doubt. As much as connecting with people online is a fortunate modern marvel, nothing replaces spending time "in real life," with people we love or even when we're alone. And as much as I love my phone and computer and wifi, etc, I've been feeling nostalgic for more old-fashioned things. "Analog" things. Turns out I'm not the only one.

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Humans have incredible brains. We can delve into deep thoughts and invent the most amazing things. Some of us can even get so lost in our minds we "forget" our minds are connected to a physical body that is made to reside in the physical world.

If we spend too much time locked in our heads, we can become anxious, fatigued, and maybe even depressed. We can also be so disconnected from the real world we forget to decorate for Christmas or even water our plants. (I speak from personal experience.)

Perhaps that's why many of us are longing for real life experiences and objects we can hold in our hands. I love listening to the radio because no matter what you can find online, there's nothing quite like connecting to your home communities via your local radio stations.

Taking a photo with an actual camera is a different experience than simply snapping a pic with your phone. Making something out of yarn or with paint is therapeutic. It reminds us of and connects us to the physical world.

When's the last time you went outside and played with your kids (sans the game system?) Or learned a new craft or hobby that requires you to engage your body as well as your mind? If you're feeling anxious or lonely or depressed, try to engage in the real world today. Explore the outdoors. Read an actual book. Cook a meal from scratch. See if it doesn't help. It always helps me.

Oh and, don't forget to water your plants. ;)

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