Americans are all about being productive and thus our mornings can tend toward a chaotic panic to begin the flurry of activity that defines many of our working days.

The other morning I was in "bit" of a hurry. I didn't want to begin the day without breakfast, so I popped in one of my favorite quick, but delicious go-to's: A toasted English muffin with honey...or peanut butter...or both. NOT the point. Anyway, I got my coffee and sat down with my English muffin while reading my emails. I thought multi-tasking would help get a bit ahead of the day in which I already felt a bit behind.

In my attempt to save milliseconds before delving into the work day, I was slurping down my coffee in giant, almost painfully warm gulps. The first side of my English muffin? Frankly I don't even remember eating it. On top of that, my multi-tasking meant I wasn't really able to focus on the email I was reading and I responded in a way that made zero sense. I know this because just I was about to tear into the second half of my English muffin and start gulping my second cup of coffee, I got a reply from the sender that just said..."Huh?" Oy vey.

I ended up digging into my work in a bit of a stressful manner, practically hobbled quickly back to my studio, and managed to spill a little bit of coffee on my shirt--not so much that I had to change but enough to be really, really annoyed.

It wasn't a great morning. Afternoon didn't go great either. Actually the entire day felt frazzled from start to finish.

I know better. I know that rushing around like a maniac in the morning only leads to a sense of feeling frazzled all throughout the day. My mood isn't as good, my work isn't as good...and even food isn't as good when you're inhaling it before you have a chance to enjoy it. Friends, this is no way to live.

Here's what I know for sure will help you have a better day:

Slow down a little bit in the morning. Wake up earlier if you have to do so, but have enough time to be a person before you have to run out the door or begin your work.

Do one thing at a time. I know this goes against our "life in the fast lane" culture. I promise you, makes a difference.

Stop every now and then throughout the day and take a few breaths. 

Simple? Yeah. Easy to do? Not so much. But if you start with these, you'll find it impacts every aspect of your life.

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