Whataburger reached out to us after we published the story to clear up a few details. The woman actually ran to the Whataburger drive-thru where she asked a customer (who asked to remain anonymous) to borrow their cell phone. After that she hid on the Whataburger property with the unnamed customer until police arrived. Once the police were on scene, they proceeded to go to the boyfriend's house where they arrested him.

A man in Longview is accused of keeping his girlfriend against her will for several hours while he beat her and choked her, but she eventually escaped. And she had probably never been so glad to see that nearby Whataburger sign.

Wednesday morning, Longview News-Journal reported that Leonard Smith is in the Gregg County Jail after police say he beat and choked his girlfriend for several hours before she got away. It happened Sunday night in Longview, and she was able to get out of the place where she was being held captive and run to the Whataburger on South Eastman Road for help.

Meanwhile, it appears to be another reason to be happy that Whataburger exists in Texas.  The burgers are a Texas tradition, and if you find yourself in need of a well-lit place with at least a few people around, it can be a good thing there's one on nearly every corner and they're open 24 hours.

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