Office pranks are the best. They are good to break the levity of a hard day. They are good for building camaraderie. When Big D and Bubba show us a prank, it is a benefit to all of us.

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Scaring your co-workers is a simple and easy prank. Just hide around a corner, jump out, yell, whatever you need to do to surprise them. Big D and Bubba like to scare each other with Patrick being the usual victim. It was nice to see Patrick dealing out the scare this time.

A great story of a prank at our studios in Tyler, one of my co-workers bought a mini air horn. She slowly opened the door to my studio while I was deep into work. She squeezed the top and it made the weakest sound you have heard from an air horn. She didn't prime it. A couple of days later, I picked up said air horn, opened the door to her studio and scared her with a proper air horn burst.

She eventually forgave me.

Enjoy the "Best Of" Big D and Bubba this week on 101.5 KNUE.

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