Cole Swindell is back with a brand new song that's a lot of fun. It's a light hearted take on finding love called "Single Saturday Night". He got on the phone with Big D and Bubba to talk about the new tune and exchanged golf stories.

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First up was Big D talking about his son being approached by the baseball coach at Georgia Southern, Cole's alma mater. Cole offered to put a good word in for him if he needed it.

The conversation then turned to Cole's brand new song, "Single Saturday Night." It's a fun take on finding love. It's a fun video, too, featuring his band as they try to enjoy quarantine.

Cole is not enjoying not being on the road doing shows. He's ready to get back out and perform.

They started talking about golf and who've they have played with. Cole talked about playing with Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch and Jake Owen, who could've gone pro, he's that good. Big D and Bubba talked about playing with Rodney Carrington. Listen to the full interview at the top.

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