Chipotle has been one of my favorite spots to grab lunch or dinner. I basically survived off of Chipotle as a high schooler and college student. I had $10 to feed me for the day and I would go and purchase a burrito bowl and ask for the tortilla on the side. I would load up my burrito bowl and basically eat the top part of the burrito bowl which was basically a salad and the remainder of the burrito bowl would go into a tortilla to make a burrito and bam dinner was paid for. I got creative with being broke, my love for food is no joke.

I was saddened to hear that Chipotle thinks I along with many of my broke friends are "scamming" them. According to Business Insider, Chipotle's chief financial officer Jack Hartung told Chipotle investors that they will start charging for the tortilla on the side. Why the change? Chipotle restaurant margins declined by 1.3% in the last quarter.

So now that Chipotle is pinpointing the extra tortillas on their 1.3% decline, you and I are going to have to fork out .25 cents to maximize our meals. Who knew that paying a quarter would infuriate so many? Several Chipotle fans took to their socials to complain about the new charge.

What food hacks do we have left now?


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