This can't happen.

The Department of Agriculture may soon make a huge change to the menu of public elementary schools and middle schools.

According to CBS News, the Department of Agriculture is considering removing chocolate milk from public school cafeterias, along with all other flavored milk flavors.

The reason the agency is considering removing flavored milk from these public schools is because of the amount of sugar within them.

Pupils Practice Social Distancing At Longdendale High School
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High School cafeterias would still be allowed to serve flavored milk, the ban would only affect elementary and public schools.

I did learn from the report that some cities and school districts have already banned chocolate milk in some schools, for the same reason.

In recent years, school districts have become much more concerned about the health of students, thus eliminating some items served in school cafeterias.

If flavored milk isn't banned completely from schools, a limit on the amount of sugar served would be the next option.

The Wall Street Journal reports a decision will be made early next year and could be enforced for the 2025 school year.

As you may expect, parents have mixed feelings about this possibility, so we ask, how do you feel about this?

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