Dierks Bentley is spending time with his family in Colorado during this pandemic. Even during this quarantine time, Dierks is still putting out some great music. He got on the hotline with Big D and Bubba to talk about that and his family time while not on the road.

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We learned that Dierks Bentley's daughters have a radio show on a community radio station in Colorado. Their radio show is all about pop music, which they are fans of. Dierks stressed the importance of being able to understand lyrics, something he can't do listening to his girl's favorite pop songs. Dierks mentioned listening to Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and not understanding what he's saying most of the time.

Dierks is also a licensed pilot. He lost the plane he owns in the Nashville tornado earlier this year. To satisfy that flying bug, he and his son are flying remote controlled planes. They fly anything from Cubs to Migs to P 51's. Another reason Dierks isn't flying right now is he doesn't have any gigs. "No gigs, no flying," as Dierks said.

Plus he has to hang on to what money he does have to continue paying his crew and band. That's really awesome Dierks is continuing to pay those guys even if they're not on the road.

Dierks has a new album coming out soon. The debut song is called "Gone" which you can listen to below.

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