Veggie fans don't mess around, and Taco Bell found that out the hard way! After a Twitter uproar, Taco Bell has pulled an ad encouraging people to pass on the veggies and instead, get their 12-pack of tacos instead.You've probably seen the commercial where somebody brings a veggie tray to a Super Bowl party and gets the old, "That's like punting on fourth-and-1" look, while another party guest brings in a 12 pack of Taco Bell tacos, and is treated like a rock star.

OK, I don't see the problem. Hello, it's Taco Bel! A drive-thru, fast-food Tex-Mex joint where it's all about fast food! I didn't think you went to Taco Bell to have vegetables, at least I don't.

Evidently, it offended quite a few folks, including the Center for Science in the Public Interest ( I had to look it up), who tweeted, "Shame on @Taco Bell for disparaging healthy vegetables in its ad. High-calorie, high-fat tacos will not help you #LiveMás!" The director of CSPI went so far as to say the commercial was "attack ads."

It's Taco Bell people!

Taco Bell pulled the ad this past Monday morning after receiving so much "flak" from angry veggie fans. It got so bad that a spokesman for Taco Bell made this statement:

"We love vegetables. In fact, each year we serve our customers more than 45 million pounds of tomatoes, 122 millions of pounds of lettuce, 7 million pounds of onions and 412 thousand pounds of cilantro. When we realized the ad was misconstrued, we sided with the vegetables and pulled it."

Wow!  It was a funny commercial folks, that's it, nothing more. Sometimes I think we all get a little too serious. But I wonder, does a commercial really have that much influence a day like the Super Bowl, where everybody eats unhealthy food anyway?

Hey, I say eat your veggies, nobody cares. I love veggies, but I don't let a commercial sway me either way. Sorry guys, I just had to vent. This seems ridiculous to me. Oh well, some people have too much time on the their hands. I say to those folks, "volunteer or help those less fortunate."

So, what do you enjoy munching on during the Super Bowl? I like hot wings, which by the way I eat with celery sticks, ribs and cold beer! Take the poll below and be sure and click all the foods you enjoy.