Do you have a coworker like Patrick? Maybe a significant other like Patrick? What are we talking about? Patrick has squeaky shoes and it's driving Big D crazy! This sounds like a case to go before the Big D and Bubba court.

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I've had shoes that squeaked before. They were sneakers that had the air pockets in the soles and one of them was leaking. So, step *squeak*, step *squeak*, it drove me nuts. I replaced those shoes as soon as I could.

Patrick has a fairly new pair of shoes that his fiance (this is a flashback post so they were just engaged at the time) bought him, but every step he takes, there is a loud squeak. To prove what Big D was hearing, they hooked up a microphone to record Patrick walking.

And there it is. A very loud, very pronounced, very annoying squeak.

Remember Big D and Bubba's Game Night at Liberty Hall in Tyler back in 2019? I was following behind Patrick and could hear his squeaky shoes in the theater. It's a sore subject for Patrick and didn't like it when I brought it up.

What is Patrick's punishment? Well, being that Viveca, his fiance, bought the shoes for him, he can't just throw them away. So it looks like Big D is just gonna have to keep being tortured by Patrick's squeak.

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